I joined my company in August of 1996.  We started using Goldmine on December 17, 1996.  I was their Goldmine Administrator for almost 20 years.


On December 1, 2017 our Goldmine Premium Edition usage stopped.  My company has moved to a new ERP system that has a CRM component, and we are now using Outlook.  It is not "Goldmine like", it's a whole new world.  Goldmine remains on our system as a reference to past activity.


Goldmine has been a huge part of my professional life.  I knew this software, and enjoyed using it.  Even more, I liked the people who this program brought me into contact with.  A very active Goldmine user community existed, even in the early days of Goldmine 3.2.  A number of message board I contributed to through the years. People who helped me when I needed it like dougcastell, Bob G., goldboxbob, and dj.hunt and so many more.


I have had a number of great Goldmine Partners, for the last 7 years it has been forhimconsulting John Neighbors and the team of For Him Consulting.  I couldn't have done this without you, John!


Third party software allowed us to integrate Goldmine with our legacy ERP and our website.  Many thanks to Dave at Redstone for Goldbox and your support of it.


I have to also send a shout out to a fabulous Goldmine technical support team.  Discontinuing maintenance was tough, you are all much missed.  jkaroub, Marie, hs_ralph   and many more!


And paul.petersen, an involved President who I always felt was willing to listen to my concerns.


So thank you, Goldmine.  Yes, this is goodbye.  But we had a great relationship!